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Arachnia :



Arachnia is a B area survival game concerning the fear of spiders… at midnight.


Maintain the spiders off the woman by clicking to destroy the spiders.

Growing Problems: Game problem progressively raises, conscious of your capacity degree.

FLASHLIGHT runs out, until you are still left at midnight. Pick up BATTERIES to take care of your mild juiced.

ANTIDOTE (well being packs) replenish your well being bar when you’ve been bitten.

FLARES mild up all the show for a restricted time so you possibly can see all of the spiders and merchandise drops.

BUG SPRAY repels and kills spiders from the O block sq. surrounding your character for a restricted time.

GRENADES instantly destroy all spiders in a A block sq. across the grenade when clicked.

ESC essential quits from gameplay with out saving score.



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