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Loot Hero :

Loot Hero


A legendary Dragon is haunting the lands.
Towns are established ablaze, and its magic power resurrects the evil creatures of the globe.
A hero is required to journey to the corners of
the lands and slay the beast to revive peace.

RPG grind-fest! Operate, Battle ever harder enemies, Collect XP and Loot, Buy a lot better gear, Level Up, Do it throughout as soon as extra!

– More than twenty numerous enemies and managers
– Tons of varied gear upgrades
– Lovingly crafted Retro graphics
– Achievements to unlock
– Bestiary to fill out
– Possibly infinite gameplay
– Ridiculous quantities of Loot and XP!


Click and maintain to make the hero function. Operate into enemies to assault. Operate into objects to gather them. Click on retailer icons to buy.
(Suggestion: You can modify the function velocity of the Hero by how distant you’re holding the mouse cursor.)



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